Terrafell is ruled by many deities, fathers, gods and goddesses and keepers, with The Creator as the unseen, unknown, ruler of all.


Aethor is the god of wealth.

Enskira is the goddess of love.

Derod is the god of death.

Shazar is the god of magic.

Faella is the goddess of nature.

Ornosh is the god of war.

Neranna is the goddess of luck.


Axyner is the keeper of ice.

Chaon is the keeper of fire.

Taurna is the keeperess of light.

Ustellar is the keeper of storms.

Kraejack is the keeper of stars.

Quent is the keeper of time.

Garion is the keeper of souls.


Father Earth is all land and earth on Terrafell.

Father Sea  is all salt water bodies on Terrafell.

Father Sky is all sky and air above Terrafell.